flexible work

Flexible work is a big broad category of things that means different things to different people… so what does it mean at Ento?

Where we work

At home or in the office!? The choice is yours!

Our approach to where you work is about enabling options. As a team, we felt that a (roughly) 50/50 mix of in the office vs working at home felt about right. And so, each fortnight, everyone works a minimum of four days in the office and the rest of their time, it’s up to them.

We still have office space, and we love getting together to collaborate, so we make sure everyone has a desk available when they need it, but, should you wish to work from home, there is always the flexibility to do so.

Our Melbourne office is set up with a mix of ‘quiet desks’ and ‘not-so-quiet’ areas to enable collaborative or focused work as the day demands. And as our Sydney & Toronto offices grow we’ll look to do the same there!

The days we work

Ever dreamed of regular three day weekends? Well we’ve made (every second weekend) a long weekend at Ento!

In our quest to find ways to introduce better work-life, we give everyone at Ento (with a few limited exceptions – e.g. Customer Support roles that require Saturday work) the option to work a compressed fortnight or a ‘regular’ ten day fortnight.

A compressed fortnight? How does it work? Well in a regular ten day fortnight, you work a total of 76 hours spread across ten 7.6 hour days. In a compressed fortnight, you work your 76 hours spread across nine 8.4 hour days. Meaning every second Friday is an RDO and the start of a long weekend!

But a compressed fortnight doesn’t work for everyone and we have people who are working ‘regular’ ten day fortnights too – it’s about what’s best for the individual.

The hours we work

Like flexibility to drop off kids? Or maybe early mornings just aren’t your thing! We’re all about that.

Our approach to working hours is designed to give both as much flexibility as possible on start and finish times, while ensuring we’ve got enough overlap that we can get in the meetings, conversations and collaboration we need to work efficiently and effectively!

Generally speaking, everyone starts and finishes their day as it suits them – we trust that people will do what’s required and we aren’t watching the clock! The only caveat is a period through the middle of the day (we call it ‘core hours’) where you can expect everyone to be working.

There’s also flexibility within core hours. We all have lives and things like specialist appointments or car service pickups have a way of being scheduled at the most inconvenient times! Core hours are our ‘normal’ but we recognise that there will be exceptions.

What to work at Ento?

Ento is growing fast, and we’re on the hunt for people to join our talented, dedicated team.