A fresh new look for Time & Attendance

Approve timesheets faster and with more confidence

We’re always keen on improving efficiency and usability in Ento, and we’re pleased to announce a fresh new Review Timesheets design, accompanied by some helpful new features like multi-selecting and then authorising timesheets.

While the goal was to keep a similar structure to what works currently, we’ve worked hard to re-evaluate the design and provide a more focused view on what matters most.


Timesheet Cards

This has meant the introduction of a new timesheet card format – this new design makes important information clearer and provides a quicker way to check that verification has passed & rostered vs recorded times match. The card can then be expanded to see additional information if necessary when assessing certain timesheets:

Those who are keen to have as much information available as possible can always “Expand All’ – the page will even remember this setting so you’ve always got all possible information visible as you scroll through.



While bulk authorising timesheets as you know it will remain, we wanted to add a clear and highly controllable extra step between individual authorisation and bulk authorisation. You’ll notice the introduction of new multi-select checkboxes on the left of each timesheet card. This is a highly requested feature that will allow you to select a few shifts (or the whole page) and then ‘authorise selected’ with just one click. Multi-select will authorise the recorded times just like the green ‘quick authorise’ tick box does currently.



Each timesheet card now has a simple way of telling if the attendance is verified and matches the shift times as rostered.

The first green tick will highlight that their facial recognition or GPS passed verification, and the second will indicate that they worked their times as rostered. An alert on either will indicate that something differed in the shift so that you know to expand the card for more information.

Hiding that information until it’s necessarily makes for a cleaner, more streamlined experience for those who are matching those verifications the majority of the time.

Both verifications will also later be added as filters in the timesheet filter options so you’ll be able to quickly authorise the verified timesheets before returning to the others to investigate further.



This update is launching in early March – we’ll be in touch with a firm date soon, along with some more screenshots and videos to help you prepare for this exciting change.

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