Five Ways To Use The Discussions Area

Cut back on time spent on meetings and spend more time growing your business. The discussions area of Ento allows you, your managers and your employees to communicate and collaborate, without having to take time out of work to do so.

Managers and staff can contribute from home or even their mobile devices. Staff who may be too shy to voice their opinions in person can be empowered by having the option to present their views in writing.

New posts can be targeted as either open discussions or closed announcements, and you can choose what audience you want to see the your message.

1. Employee collaboration and feedback on company policy

Staff who have a say in how procedure affects them will naturally feel more positive on the job. Make your staff feel empowered by asking for their opinion.

2. Reminders and updates

Seeing an emerging problem with employee break times, or has the dress code been sliding with a few of your staff? Remind and encourage employee compliance by posting an announcement.

3. Brainstorming product, service or procedure ideas

Harness the ideas of your employees by encouraging them to suggest new ways to approach business. By having an open brainstorming thread, you never know what innovations may be born.

4. Organising company events

Whether it’s the annual Christmas party or retirement drinks, you can settle the debate about venue, date and dress code online, without cutting into company time.

5. Milestones, end-of-year messages and the like

Passed the 100 client mark, or do you want to thank your employees for their efforts during the year? Memorialise important developments and dates by posting a sticky to the message board.

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