5 features you may overlooked in the upgrade

Now everyone’s upgraded to the new version, we wanted take a look at some of the features that may have slipped under the radar!

Switch the Attendance Screen from PIN to facial recognition

Clients using the Attendance Screen for time & attendance capture can now get their staff to clock in and out with a quick photo instead of their PIN.

The new ‘facial recognition’ clock method is great for a number of reasons:

1. Taking a quick picture is faster than entering a PIN,
2. There is no possibility of staff clocking each other in without you noticing during timesheet review,
3. Staff no longer have to remember their PIN.

To change your Attendance Screen from PIN to Facial recognition, head to the Settings → Company settings page, scroll to the bottom and change the Capture method setting. Once that is done, press the Refresh button in the browsers your Attendance Screen.

Note: You will need a front facing camera on the computer or tablet you are running the Attendance Screen from.

To learn more about facial recognition and other attendance capture methods, go to the Docs → Time & attendance → Capture methods support page.


Your staff can sync their shifts with their phones calendar

A highly requested feature by the staff of companies using Roster Plus was the ability to sync their shifts directly with their local calendar application. This has been added and can be accessed via a link found on the Calendar sync / Settings page if their Staff Area.

Incase they missed it, there is also an Apple and Android app for the Staff Area which makes it even easier to check shifts on-the-go!

For a full guide to the new Staff Area, go to the System guides → Staff guide support page.

Intelligent shift input

Since most people call shifts ‘start time – end time’ we have introduced a new shift input setting that saves you needing to name a shift AND set the actual start and actual end time. To turn this on, go to the Settings → Company settings page and change the Shift input setting to Standard.

Now, when you go to add a shift on the roster builder, you can enter ’10-5′ and it will be automatically converted to ’10:00am-5:00pm’ (or ’10:00-17:00′, depending on your time preference) and you won’t need to manually enter the start and time time too.

Intelligent shift input

Control how small cells are on the roster builder

It’s now possible to increase or decrease the size of cells on the roster builder. Decreasing the size of cells can be useful if you have long rosters or lots of staff. You may wish to increase the size if you rosters are small or you’re working on a touch device like a tablet.

To control your roster density, click the small Cog button in the top right corner of the Rostering → Work on roster page. Experiment with each of the Compact, Cosy and Comfortable settings to see what best suits you. There are a few more settings within the cog menu worth looking at too. They let you tailor how staff and roles are grouped and ordered down the left hand side of your roster.

For a full guide on working on your roster, go to the Docs → Rostering → Work on roster help page.

Customise your shift export template and rearrange the columns

A major new area of the system is Payroll. Not only can you export to over 10 different payroll systems, you can build your own reports for download and analysis in Excel.

To edit a custom export, go to the Payroll → Export templates page. Click the Edit button next to one of the CSV templates that has been pre-loaded into your account. Once you have finished selecting all the columns you want to show, scroll down to the bottom and click the Generate preview button to the right.

Once the preview has been generated you can click and drag on the columns to re-order them. Once you are happy with the order, click the Save button.


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